Gold Cards in Coin Master – Get & Trade [Guide]

Gold Cards are very important in the Coin Master game, as it is hard to get them. With these Gold Cards, you can complete your card collection, which is essential to progress in this game.

Generally, you get these Gold Cards from your friends during special events or find them in chests. Because these cards are very rare, there are few websites that claim to provide you with these cards for free.

But all of those websites are fake. The only legit ways to get Gold Cards in the Coin Master game are from chests and special events. Here in this article, we share a complete guide on getting and trading gold cards in the coin master game.

Get Gold Cards in Coin Master [5 Tips]

Now let’s check out a few tips you can use in coin master to improve your chances of getting gold cards. However, there is no guarantee that you will surely get these cards.

Tip 1: Try to buy chests in every village. Doing it will increase your chances of getting the gold cards in this game.

Tip 2: It is always best practice to find these cards from the beginning of this game. Because as you reach a higher level, it becomes more difficult to find gold cards.

Tip 3: Many players recommend buying wooden chests if you get 1-2 stars in the last card. And buy golden chests if you get 3-4 stars in the last card. We have tested this method with various accounts, but it only works on a few accounts.

Tip 4: If you are planning to buy chests in bulk, you can follow this order: Buy 25 Wooden Chests -> Buy 25 Gold Chests -> Buy 20 Magical Chests. Some players claim buying in this order increases your chances of getting a golden card in the coin master game.

Tip 5: If you can’t find gold cards in your current village, try upgrading and building a new village. It also increases your chances of getting these rare cards in this game.

These are a few tips to increase your chances of getting golden cards in the coin master game. We recommend you try all these tips and use only those working in your account.

How To Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master?

If you desperately need a card, you can trade it with other friends and get cards from them. There is an official Facebook group for coin master trading; you can use this group and post which card you want to trade.

Follow the below process to trade your gold cards in the coin master game:

  1. First, ensure that Coin special events are ongoing, you are not using Ghost Mode, and have connected your Facebook account with the game.
  2. Next, go to your friends list and check which cards they have and whether they can trade them. Chat with them and decide to trade a card.
  3. If you do not have many friends on coin master, you can check out a few Facebook groups where people trade their gold cards with each other.
  4. Once you find someone ready to trade cards with you, you can use the Trade option to trade your cards.
  5. In normal times when no events are going on, you can only trade normal cards (not golden cards). And during the Gold Card trade event, you can only trade two specific cards.

Finding a person who can trade the card you want can be hard. So if you are not in an urgent situation, you can use all the tips we have shared above.


Check out the FAQs section below if you have questions about these cards.

How do you get gold cards in Coin Master?

You can get Gold  Cards from Chests or your friends by trading them during special events. You can use the tips we share in this article to increase your chances.

What is the rarest gold card in Coin Master?

There are a few rare gold cards available in the coin master game. But the Armstrong card is known as the rarest card in this game.

How to get free Gold cards in Coin Master?

You cannot get free gold cards from the coin master. If any website claims to provide gold cards for free, stay away from it as it is impossible to get them for free.

What is the most expensive card in Coin Master?

It is hard to tell which card is the most expensive in the coin master as it varies from player to player. But cards like Andromeda, Armstrong, Farmer Feng, etc., are considered the most expensive.

Gold cards can be very useful in this coin master game; that’s why they are rare and hard to get. With the above guide, we hope all your questions are cleared now. If you like this guide, share it with your friends who are coin master enthusiasts.

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